09 March 2011


Whoops ....somehow this vintage Jacqmar silk scarf got left behind. It had fallen behind the drawer. It's the sort I like best, floral, feminine and very English.

I love the weird shape of this plant, I think it is a type of begonia and it came as part of a mothers day arrangement from my daughter a few years back. Are the long spikes really the flower?


  1. Oh i love that scarf! I am a sucker for anything floral!

    p.s. I am doing a giveaway
    take a peek - http://prettylittlevintage.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-very-first-give-away.html

  2. Pretty scarf! Not sure on the plant, but I think the 'sticks' might be covered in pollen?? :) x

  3. It's simply lovely. Floral scarves are everywhere this season. Do you have any Liberty of London scarves? Some gorgeous patterns.


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