23 March 2011

opened the front door.....

I opened the front door this morning to fetch the newspaper and what did I find?

more snow......just when I thought spring may have been around the corner. It's still blowing and howling and cold.

so to cheer myself up I looked at these two pieces of vintage cotton.

1930's gauzy hydrangeas, from the old store room at my parents pub....many decades before that playground was built.

Spring like dressmaking cotton, from the 50s I would think, bought here in Canada at a church rummage sale. Are they not pretty and romantic?


  1. Sorry about the snow surprise! I'm sure glad it's not snowing here I am so over winter!

  2. What a shock - blimey! We have had a really warm sunny day here - at long last. Spring has sprung!
    pretty cottons.
    T x

  3. I highly recommend taking a trip, away! The sun has been shining ever since I left!

  4. Oh no, that is winter!!! Today we had the warmest day in 6 months,
    19C!!! Still, the fabrics make up for it, I hope :)

  5. Jan I love the fabrics and yes I would have rather looked at them then the surprise snow storm. Here's hoping that the snow clears up and spring finally gets to you.

  6. Those fabrics look SO much better than that awful snow!! So far we're avoiding the storm....

  7. the fabrics really are very pretty. I sympathise with the snow but I dread summer. I cannot bear the heat although I must admit I love the sunshine.


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