28 March 2011

An afternoon at the ballet

Yesterday we picked up last minute seats for the National Ballet of Canada, and were lucky enough to get the front circle center box!! I had not read a review of this programme (we get Canada's national newspaper The Globe and Mail, the dance critic is so appalling I refuse to read the columns) so I was thrilled to see Russian Seasons, choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky who had been up to Toronto to rehearse. My goodness, the performance was hotter than July.

Appolo, (Balanchine at his best, in my opinion) was beautifully performed. Zdenek Konvalina was a boyish Appolo.The National, in its wisdom has removed the pictures from its website today so I have to give you a photo of Carlos Acosta, whom I saw in the role in Manchester a couple of years back. I never mind seeing a good ballet several times, dancers always bring their own interpretation and view of the work. I also saw this work at Covent Garden many decades ago, Darcy Bussell danced.

Balanchine's 'Theme and Variations' rounded out the afternoon.

One of the times I feel lucky to be living here, we had a super afternoon.

Always difficult to know what to wear to a matinée. I think it shows respect for the performers to make some kind of an effort. Yesterday there was a mix of grubby, sloppy jeans and sparkly, bare, cocktail dresses.
I wore my old gray flannel suit with the vintage mop buttons. If I were 22 and 40lbs lighter this simple but elegant little number in gold tweed might have worked. It can be made to order from Melissa Tabor on Etsy.



  1. the ballet is amazing! i am so jealous that you got to go :)
    and that dress is soooo amazing! i would totally wear that too!


  2. My Mum loves ballet, she goes as often as she can, she has seen Carlos Acosta and thinks that he is amazing. She tries to see matinees as she travels to London by herself and the trains don't run late enough to get from the ballet to the station in time to get home, she also dresses in a more formal way and was horrified when I went with her once in my jeans (posh top & heels though).
    T x

  3. Yay for the ballet! I went on Friday and have resolved to see more because it is so uplifting. I used to see everything at Covent Garden because I could stand at the back - not really up to it now, have to have a seat!

    Your programme looks great, and agree Apollo is Mr.B at his best (took programme-less-ness too far at times - not here).

    Dress code sounds like London - I like the fact you can wear jeans or full-length satin and all is okay.

  4. I would love to go to the ballet. I went once when I was at school but have never been since, I must make the effort. Hope you have warmed up!!

  5. the ballet sounds lovely! Youre so lucky :)


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