30 April 2012

Sunday at the market

Sunday at St Lawrence Market was not a terrific day for me.

 First, I took lousy photographs of my booth, you can see much better ones here at Lisa's blog. I did sell quite a bit of fabric though and most of the above has gone to new homes.

 Lots of the other booths looked appealing. I am always into a bit of inexpensive cutlery.

Beautiful color in this complete vanity set.

 Every summer I read a classic that I have never read before, so as it was a slow day  I picked up 'A Passage to India ' for 2012 and got started on it,

Must say I'm glad I don't have to polish the silver.

27 April 2012

Looks like a bumper crop

Looks as if I will have a bumper crop of redcurrants this year.


 I have started saving my jars for more of this  (scroll down). I have never tried freezing them, perhaps I should give it a go. Maybe I could come up with a fantastic summer cocktail using the juice.( bet its good with gin)
Oh...I have just come up with this and I like this vinaigrette too, I bet that will keep in the fridge for a couple of months, what do you think?

 This is the first year our parsley has wintered over as we had an unusually mild winter.

Yellow Bird magnolia, planted about 5 years ago is putting on a show at last.
Back to textiles next week.

25 April 2012

My new Liberty scarves

Two new vintage Liberty scarves for my collection.

The first little neckerchief in my 'colour du jour', greeny golds and chartreuse.

and a regular paisley, I wish I knew when this Art Deco type face was in use, my guess is about 1965-75.

bloody blogger is playing up again.

Edit....I know, I will write to Liberty to ask and report back.

21 April 2012

Cathedral Window

Today is my birthday, we are spending it quietly at home. R gave me an i-pad and soon you will be the recipients of my experiments. Thankfully, it comes with lessons that this dinosaur sorely needs.

I picked up this Cathedral Window quilt yesterday, just needs a little tidy up. I am not sure if I will put it in my etsy shop as it is so heavy the shipping will be exorbitant. Actually, I am not very fond of Cathedral Window, too much fiddling and potting about for the sake  of being clever in my opinion. I'll never sell it with a remark like that!

19 April 2012

Travelling companions

This haywain nearly tipped over as we traveled the back roads of the Midi Pyrenees last May.

 Think I feel a trip to Europe coming on.

 Coming home from the Martinborough Fair this February.... in the beautiful Wairarapa Valley...seems only

Sigh....back to textiles next time.

16 April 2012

"All that work"

Yesterday at the Wychwood Barns Vintage Clothing and Textile Show. I managed to whiz around before the doors opened..

10 minutes before opening time and this young lady looks as if she thinks she will never be ready... but,she was and her booth looked smashing.

 all ready and ship shape here.

shoes, bags and accessories were big this year.

 My friend Monique, whom I have known since she was in high school has recently opened a vintage clothing store in the area where we live, and was there to sell and promote her pretty shop.

Part of my booth with a 1930s large 'grandmothers garden' quilt, and a rack of specially priced ($75) vintage quilts. Alas, there was no interest in them whatsoever and I barely managed to pay for the day. Not sure what went wrong as the show was very attractive, lots of well thought out booths with wonderful, well displayed items. Seemed well attended too.

I also had this springlike yo-yo 30s quilt. If I hear some one say 'all that work' again I will scream.

Actually, I think in the days before TV, quilt making (and other needlecrafts) was often a source of great pleasure and satisfaction to most people.

12 April 2012

Vintage textiles at the Wychwood Barns.

The Toronto Vintage Clothing Show will take place at Wychwood Barns this Sunday, April 15th.

 I will be exhibiting and have been prepping some items this week. As usual, lots of lovely scarves, these from a basket of 40s - 70s scarves.

   Lots of designers, European and American.....

 love this summery Givenchy silk square.

a basket of old and interesting souvenirs. 

There will be a 'special' on vintage quilts...not expensive and perfect for the summer cottage or farm.

and some vintage wool picnic or stadium blankets.....

lots more too

see you there.

08 April 2012

Port Nelson

Seems ages since we were in Nelson, NZ, although it has been only a month.

 On our last morning we walked about Port Nelson,,  very active and a commercial hub.

 The good ship 'Dorothy' needs a bit of work.

Lots of repair work going on, love the bold colors and shapes.

 A reminder of how strong the sea is, I think this plaque was from 1997....not so long ago.

04 April 2012

vintage souvenirs

An interesting old scarf I have never come across before....a souvenir of the New York State Thruway.

 First proposed in 1949, the first part of the road was finished in 1954; that is the date I am putting on this vivid scarf. See more souvenirs here.

Not sure whether this silk handkerchief from Berlin is before or just after WW11....pre war would be terrific. Unfortunately both of the above are not pristine, I wonder if they are interesting enough to put in my etsy shop, there is a souvenir scarf section.  Normally I only list scarves in excellent condition.

 No doubt about this date, Rangoon 1969.

03 April 2012

Clothing Swap

The Evergreen Brickworks site, here in Toronto, held its first Community Clothing Swap this past weekend.

 I arrived fairly early and lots of stuff was still coming in. ( it was raining cats and dogs)  Did not get any photos of the racks of pretty, young cocktail dresses, groovy guys shirts and a wide variety of accessories.

 Everything was very well organized. I was not really expecting to 'swap' anything, I just wanted to support the effort.

So I was delighted to pick up this lovely embroidered shawl (worn it already)  and a sweet handcrafted bag.
Next time I will make sure to take my daughter and DIL.

WORN, an on line fashion journal is also worth taking a look at.....hard copy too I understand.

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