16 April 2012

"All that work"

Yesterday at the Wychwood Barns Vintage Clothing and Textile Show. I managed to whiz around before the doors opened..

10 minutes before opening time and this young lady looks as if she thinks she will never be ready... but,she was and her booth looked smashing.

 all ready and ship shape here.

shoes, bags and accessories were big this year.

 My friend Monique, whom I have known since she was in high school has recently opened a vintage clothing store in the area where we live, and was there to sell and promote her pretty shop.

Part of my booth with a 1930s large 'grandmothers garden' quilt, and a rack of specially priced ($75) vintage quilts. Alas, there was no interest in them whatsoever and I barely managed to pay for the day. Not sure what went wrong as the show was very attractive, lots of well thought out booths with wonderful, well displayed items. Seemed well attended too.

I also had this springlike yo-yo 30s quilt. If I hear some one say 'all that work' again I will scream.

Actually, I think in the days before TV, quilt making (and other needlecrafts) was often a source of great pleasure and satisfaction to most people.


  1. All that work for you and not much return! I hate it when people say my quilts are a lot of work. I know they are, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to do it. I'd love to see your quilts in person sometime -- next time I'm Toronto, maybe. how much are you selling the GFG for?

  2. Ok, I won't say it. Sorry that you didn't do well at the show.

  3. I agree Jan, and won't say it........LOL, but I am disappointed for you not having a good day. I guess people are hurting a little still. Love the vintage clothing too, those yellow shoes could come and live at my house!!

  4. That yoyo quilt is amazing, Jan! Love it! Sorry the show wasn't a success for you. Sometimes it just happens like that.

  5. There's nothing worse that a bad day at a fair is there? I too have had them and barely covered the table fees and thought is it really worth all this effort? Happily though the next one has usually turned into a bumper sale, so dust yourself down and keep looking forward...wishing you well for the next one :o)
    Rose H

  6. Hopped over from M.A.'s blog and just wanted to say I found your info very interesting. I used to live in the street next to Wychwood barns when it housed streetcars and and there was lots of local neighbourhood discussion about how it should be used...I'm delighed to see the use it's being put to now. Love your quilts. If I lived nearer and knew about show, would have been there with my boots blacked. Another time perhaps. Sorry I'm a bit longwinded!

  7. Lovely quilts and I sympathise with you about a poor day businesswise - sometimes you just can't pick it!!! Take care

  8. I'm sorry you didn't have a more successful day. Wish I could have stopped by - it looks like a fantastic show. When people say "all that work" to me I reply "all that fun!" I love to do handwork in front of the tv.

  9. Wish I could have made to the show! Looks like there were some really great things!


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