04 April 2012

vintage souvenirs

An interesting old scarf I have never come across before....a souvenir of the New York State Thruway.

 First proposed in 1949, the first part of the road was finished in 1954; that is the date I am putting on this vivid scarf. See more souvenirs here.

Not sure whether this silk handkerchief from Berlin is before or just after WW11....pre war would be terrific. Unfortunately both of the above are not pristine, I wonder if they are interesting enough to put in my etsy shop, there is a souvenir scarf section.  Normally I only list scarves in excellent condition.

 No doubt about this date, Rangoon 1969.


  1. I love things like this. The top one is my favourite of the three.

  2. How fun! I think someone might be interested in them even if they are not pristine!

    (But then I'm very fond of textiles that are a little more on the worn out side!)

  3. What fun! I have never seen a scarf about the New York State Throughway! That says a lot about how important that new road was back then. Makes me little whistful. The sort of thing I would have liked to have asked my grandmother about. But I could ask my mother!

    Thank you for putting my treasury on your blog. Aren't Craftcult widgets great!

    Best wishes
    Tina/parltradet a.k.a.
    Anna of Anna's Adornments

  4. I think the souvenir scarves are my favourites, they each tell their own story. I like the top one the best too
    : )

  5. I find this type of scarf fascinating as they all have a story to tell or remind you of a moment in time - you have an amazing collection in your Etsy shop!

  6. I would like to buy your scarf from Germany, even if it is not in perfect condition. Please email me at kflynn@cccrochester.org. Thanks - Karen

  7. I would like to purchase your German scarf, even if it is not in perfect condition. Contact me at kflynn@cccrochester.org. THanks - Karen Flynn

  8. I would like to purchase your German scarf, even if it is not in perfect condition. Please contact me at kflynn@cccrochester.org. Thanks - Karen Flyn


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