19 April 2012

Travelling companions

This haywain nearly tipped over as we traveled the back roads of the Midi Pyrenees last May.

 Think I feel a trip to Europe coming on.

 Coming home from the Martinborough Fair this February.... in the beautiful Wairarapa Valley...seems only

Sigh....back to textiles next time.


  1. Love travel pictures. The horse trailer/horse tail is a great one. :)

  2. Me too, I feel a trip to France is in the air. A bit closer to me than for you, but just as easy to forget its there and so easy to get to. Thanks for becoming my newest follower, I am now following you and your lovely blog.

  3. Ah, Jan, both photos are so very much like I see here all the time, except our horse trailer is not quite so swish, and our horse never seems to get his tail outside over the back........LOL, although he does occasionally leave a little message on the floor!!!!

    We've not long shedded over 400 bales of hay, but alas, I didn't get a single photo as the trucks kept rolling past my house - too much dust!!


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