27 September 2012


Found in my mini warehouse (the garage) hidden for decades quite a while, a laundry basket full of 1950s baby chenille spreads.


 Some with quite bizarre motifs.

 I think this is Snoopy playing the violin.

 Not too sure what the last two are...any guesses?

 Into the washer they go for a freshen up.

Then, some into my etsy shop....when I get around to it.
Etsy is making some very peculiar, major changes at the moment so I am not in a particular hurry.

23 September 2012

Trying the new computor

We have a new computer, a Toshiba. So this post about yesterdays market at the Brickworks is a
learning curve.

 This attractive couple from Montreal wanted to buy the 50s curling jacket , or Saskatchewan smoking jacket as I like to call them them, and the 30s squirrel cape. They could only afford one item. Guess the sweater will come out again next week. (progress report...having trouble making the pics large, 1st two went OK then nothing....now I can't get the caps lock to work and make another bracket....

 Another happy customer buying a vintage hand knit from Newfoundland. She borrowed the cash from her brother-in-law. (don't seem to have spell check0 ...bracket still not working

A film crew had left all their props in my usual space so I moved to the other side of the aisle where Bernard at Shelflife keeps his  reclaimed wood to re purpose. It made a neat shelving unit and quite a lot of the orange and rust display sold.
9got pics to work now no brackets whatsoever0

Strangely no vintage mohairs sold....this was the first time I had taken them out this season. Next week perhaps.
 9 keys very sticky, specially the space bar0 and I have a neck ache,  will try putting the computer on a few books.....how the hell can I get spell check?

found spell check and finally made it work...00000 still no brackets

edit...what are all these bloody ooooos

20 September 2012

A mystery...or is it?

Found in a thrift store this week. 

 No label or imprint but I just know it is an early Liberty silk scarf..
That crimson
That eau de nil
That soft sky blue with grey overtones.
I am guessing 1950s .......hooray, another for my collection.

17 September 2012

a disappointment

Such a disappointment at the Brickworks Farmers Market this weekend. My blog buddy MaryAnne was coming into town to meet me and look about the Evergreen site. She was the one that gave me the most wonderful gift a year or so ago.....a large pile of antique Needlework  and Hearth and Home magazines. I am still enjoying them, reading and learning.

Pink quilts from the 30s

But she could not find anywhere to park. After cruising around for half an hour ( it was already almost 1) she gave up and drove home.

fall antique blankets

 Grrrr...I was so looking forward  to meeting her.

 I amused my self by taking pictures of the baby strollers.....I am a sucker for babies.

 Some of them look as if they will take of to Mars anytime soon.

 The baby carriages ....not the babies.


12 September 2012

The big O

This handsome tomato red stadium blanket has been taken out to at least 10 antique shows and fairs in the Toronto region over the past few years. Nobody ever showed the slightest bit of interest in it.
 Since I bought it in Toronto  ( at a thrift store) I had assumed it came from our local high school, Oakwood Collegiate, the school  from which R and our eldest daughter graduated as Ontario scholars. I fondly  remember my dentist having his Oakwood letter framed on the clinic wall as well.

Fed up with loading it in and out of the van, on a whim  R googled 'Mickey Vuchinick'  and all kinds of information popped up, even a photo of Mickey himself.


Armed with this information I listed it in my etsy shop. Sure enough, someone googled 'Ohio State Stadium Blanket' and it sold within a couple of weeks. Ahh...the power of Google.
 Wish I had doubled the price, but what do I know about American Football?

08 September 2012

Stormy weather

This morning at the Brickworks Farmers Market. Heavy, heavy rain. Within
 two hours this terrace was completely flooded, inside the pavilion the farmers were sloshing around in wellingtons. By 10 o'clock a flood warning was issued so we all packed up and went home.


Apparently the site was also closed last Tuesday as Ontario got the much needed ( violent)  rain.
I was at our cabin in the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron where the storms  are most exciting. Here is a sweet 1930s 4 patch quilt getting a good 'Lake Huron Rinse'....never does them any harm.
This quilt is in quite a fragile state, I started to rebind it in pink cotton, but I don't like it so will remove it and simply turn the white back to the front to bind. It has most delicate hand quilting.

 Hopefully the 4 patch will get the same results as this 1940s working mans quilt made of thick cottons that appeared to be old uniforms/boiler suits/ factory wear. I repaired some of the seams and rebound in a yellow stripe fabric of approximately the same weight. Not ideal, but what I had to hand.
On closer inspection our working man had left several cigarette ash holes about, its a wonder he didn't burn the barn down. I took it to market, labeled it 'pic-nic' quilt, priced it right and it sold right away!

01 September 2012

Dogs at the market

By way of a change I photographed some dogs today at the Brickworks Farmers market.

Here is Fifi in her baby blue harness, she stops by every week.

 Monty sat very patiently whilst his owner bought a 1930s pinwheel quilt (sorry, no pic of said quilt)

I don't know the names of the others, but, believe me, there are hundreds of dogs every Saturday morning.

 Most very well behaved. There is a dog friendly, off leash park near by.

  Back to quilts and vintage textiles next week, I promise.

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