12 September 2012

The big O

This handsome tomato red stadium blanket has been taken out to at least 10 antique shows and fairs in the Toronto region over the past few years. Nobody ever showed the slightest bit of interest in it.
 Since I bought it in Toronto  ( at a thrift store) I had assumed it came from our local high school, Oakwood Collegiate, the school  from which R and our eldest daughter graduated as Ontario scholars. I fondly  remember my dentist having his Oakwood letter framed on the clinic wall as well.

Fed up with loading it in and out of the van, on a whim  R googled 'Mickey Vuchinick'  and all kinds of information popped up, even a photo of Mickey himself.


Armed with this information I listed it in my etsy shop. Sure enough, someone googled 'Ohio State Stadium Blanket' and it sold within a couple of weeks. Ahh...the power of Google.
 Wish I had doubled the price, but what do I know about American Football?


  1. Ooooooh, I could have told you that blanket is from The Ohio State University! :) That's a pretty one, too.

    Lois (in Ohio) ;)

  2. That's pretty amazing that you found it in a thrift store. I'm constantly surprised with what can be found in them. And I'm sure the Ohio State fan who bought it will treasure it.


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