08 September 2012

Stormy weather

This morning at the Brickworks Farmers Market. Heavy, heavy rain. Within
 two hours this terrace was completely flooded, inside the pavilion the farmers were sloshing around in wellingtons. By 10 o'clock a flood warning was issued so we all packed up and went home.


Apparently the site was also closed last Tuesday as Ontario got the much needed ( violent)  rain.
I was at our cabin in the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron where the storms  are most exciting. Here is a sweet 1930s 4 patch quilt getting a good 'Lake Huron Rinse'....never does them any harm.
This quilt is in quite a fragile state, I started to rebind it in pink cotton, but I don't like it so will remove it and simply turn the white back to the front to bind. It has most delicate hand quilting.

 Hopefully the 4 patch will get the same results as this 1940s working mans quilt made of thick cottons that appeared to be old uniforms/boiler suits/ factory wear. I repaired some of the seams and rebound in a yellow stripe fabric of approximately the same weight. Not ideal, but what I had to hand.
On closer inspection our working man had left several cigarette ash holes about, its a wonder he didn't burn the barn down. I took it to market, labeled it 'pic-nic' quilt, priced it right and it sold right away!


  1. Ah yes, rain. We need it for so long then get so much at the same time. The quilts are lovely.

  2. Coming our way.it is much needed..I have never lost interest in gardening so soon in a season.. everything looks lifeless..charming seeing quilts to me:)

  3. Goodness me - send us some rain to France - we really need it. You are so clever with your quilts - just love the pink one!

  4. Aaaah! 'delicate hand quilting' - a phrase that will probably never be attributed to any of my attempts! The grass here is very 'crispy' and yet the tomatoes are slow to ripen - I think they went in too late.


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