27 September 2012


Found in my mini warehouse (the garage) hidden for decades quite a while, a laundry basket full of 1950s baby chenille spreads.


 Some with quite bizarre motifs.

 I think this is Snoopy playing the violin.

 Not too sure what the last two are...any guesses?

 Into the washer they go for a freshen up.

Then, some into my etsy shop....when I get around to it.
Etsy is making some very peculiar, major changes at the moment so I am not in a particular hurry.


  1. I used to love my candlewick bedspread when a little girl. The last one looks like a rabbit and the previous one, is it Bambi between 2 pairs of specs? Bizarre!

  2. They are all very interesting. I especially like the Snoopy one. :)

  3. some interesting baby spreads there - not sure whether its a bunny magician or a conductor on one, and the other looks like a camel and a pair of glasses! Odd choice for kiddies bedspreads!!

  4. Oh, they are so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Ooh - chenille, that takes me back. I remember my Nan used to have a candlewick dressing gown. The pink one definitely looks like a rabbit but the other one is more tricky. I think the top design looks like a ribbon tied in a bow and so the bottom one is probably the same although a less successful representation! The animal in between could be anything but I'll go for a fawn. The bows could also be bras but I'm not sure what a fawn (or any animal come to that) would be doing with one of those.


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