31 May 2010

blogs that appeal

just a little list, today, of blogs I would like to share
vintage sheets
13 threads

needle point kits in a French market!

Needlework in Souillac

attended a charming, contemporary needlework exhibition in Souillac. 9 I was so excited to find the actual website when I returned.
I applaud the effort to keep alive the regional red on taupe tiny cross stitch tradition.

30 May 2010

never saw the light of day

unloading the van....these vintage blankets never even made it out of the van...back into the store room they go. I'm sure they would have sold in a flash!

29 May 2010

what was to have been a super day

I'm so disappointed...today was Christie antique show, fabulous weather, van loaded with tons of vintage HBP blankets, super antique quilts, boxes of freshly laundered linen, pretty 50s summer dresses, piles of ticking, 30s cottons and more. Last night I had stiffness about the shoulders that by the morning was agonizing and I couldn't move. My lovely doctor friend and neighbor was by at 7am and sent me to ER by ambulance. Just a torn muscle but was given enough injections and pills to down a horse.
I'm so upset, when I woke up this afternoon I played with a box of my Liberty scarves to console myself...here are a couple.

27 May 2010

ideal markets

my idea of what a market place should look like....of course, they are medieval, in Martel and Sarlat,France

WOW I have two items in etsy treasuries today http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=99730
whadya think of THAT

25 May 2010

a trip to Huddersfield second hand market

A trip to Huddersfield second hand market (Tuesdays and Saturdays)not many stalls up this Tuesday, but I always stop at this feminine stall and this time bought a couple of 'feather' brooches, always a favorite motif.

again...another treasury mention....whoopee!

more French markets

you can see the kind of stall I'm interested in.....food also, but this is a textile blog!

French Markets

I love these summery housedresses and aprons still being sold at market to the good, rural,hardworking ladies in the agricultural regions of France.

24 May 2010

back, at last

couldn't get to my blog this last month, I was away in England and France. Here is some fine wool/bri nylon from the 70s, bought at a charity shop in Sandwich, Kent. I'm already kitting my favorite 30s sweater.
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