17 September 2012

a disappointment

Such a disappointment at the Brickworks Farmers Market this weekend. My blog buddy MaryAnne was coming into town to meet me and look about the Evergreen site. She was the one that gave me the most wonderful gift a year or so ago.....a large pile of antique Needlework  and Hearth and Home magazines. I am still enjoying them, reading and learning.

Pink quilts from the 30s

But she could not find anywhere to park. After cruising around for half an hour ( it was already almost 1) she gave up and drove home.

fall antique blankets

 Grrrr...I was so looking forward  to meeting her.

 I amused my self by taking pictures of the baby strollers.....I am a sucker for babies.

 Some of them look as if they will take of to Mars anytime soon.

 The baby carriages ....not the babies.



  1. I was looking forward to meeting you too and seeing the market. Imagine our surprise when we realized that parking was at such a premium. We were amazed to see cars double and triple parked everywhere (which made navigation thru' the lots a huge adventure). Maybe we'll make it down again....

  2. What a shame. I'd forgotten how bad parking can get since we moved from the U.K. - sounds like Canada is just as bad. Hopefully you two will manage to get together soon.


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