30 April 2011

Missed it....

I was going to post about my first year as a blogger, but I missed the date; thought it was April 29th, but I now see it was April 19th . Last year I had intended to just post one or two images with a pithy, short comment, but some how that did not happen.
Dear readers, do you prefer a short and sweet blog? Any advice gratefully received.

Inspired by Kathy at Kitteridge Mercantile, I photographed my 'to be seen to' stash, this is about one half. 'To be seen to' is not my cutter stash, or my very good quilt stash or even my medium quilt stash, just ones I have not had a proper look at. Will I mend it? sell it as a cutter? put aside for garage sale? Does it just need a wash? and is to go to the laundry room.

I took the top quilt and threw it over the line (often this is the best way for me to see the entire piece) It is minus the binding. Shall I rebind or sell as is? Still have not made up my mind.


  1. Long or short your blogs are always interesting. I loved it when you showed your scarf collection and they were definately long blogs... always enjoy seeing other bloggers linens & laces and scarves and wraps and........ everything!
    Happy 1st birthday.

  2. Love reading your posts!

    And with this top? I say sell as is! It is beautiful

  3. Congratulations on a year of blogging. Whatever you feel like posting - long or short, as the mood takes you - I'll enjoy reading it.

  4. Oh, decisions, decisions! :)

  5. I can't comment as I don't know the answer, however I love the yellow colour!
    T x

  6. Long or short - doesn't matter to me! I just enjoy seeing what you're posting about.

  7. Whatever you feel like on the day of blogging...that's my motto anyhow. I enjoy reading your blog however short or long the post. It's good to have friends around the worls thanks to blogging
    Warm wishes from Wales x

  8. My opinion, being a longwinded blogger myself, is show-me-what-you've-got! I am here to see your possessions, crafts and passions and read your opinions and find out what inspires you, makes you laugh or think...

    So, I reckon when it's your blog, you get to do whatever you like... long or short.

    See. I can't even do a short comment!!!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Jan,
    Happy Belated 1 year BD. Keep it up, I enjoy seeing your photos, it's like going into a store, except I can't touch!!!

  10. What a beautiful quilt and in great colors, thanks for nice comment.

  11. Oh it is lovely - sell as is, look fab!

  12. Love your blog the way it is! I love seeing your quilts and vintage fabrics, and your posts are always interesting whatever the length!
    Congrats on a year of blogging!

  13. Best wishes to you Jan for the blogging year. You have a great following, with lots of comments, so one must assume you are pressing all the right buttons, congratulations. You are obviously passionate about your subject, and it shows. You find some interesting stuff. I'm not so much a scarf lover, but I love your quilts/fabrics/laces.

  14. Hi Jan, I love your blog! You have wonderful photos and interesting comments. Keep it up!

    Warm hugs,

  15. Most of my blogs go on and on come see lol so whatever you like just do people will come anyway.Love that quilt over the line.I believe quilts sell no matter what condition they are in.


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