16 April 2011

Post # 200....how did I get here?

This is post 200...however did I get here? I started this blog last year as I was convinced that I needed an 'online presence' to help my etsy shop. Well, my etsy shop is down, big time.
But I found that I really enjoy blogging.
What's more I love reading other blogs.......and what a variety ( well perhaps there is a common thread )

I have found I love seeing what other people find in charity, thrift or op shops, or at garage and boot fairs

I follow other vintage textile dealers, study their displays intently and pinch their ideas

I love a blog that gives me a sense of time and place.....where ever in the world
like Curlew Country in England
and Linda in Australia
and MaryAnne not far from me in Ontario.

Some blogs are very informative and I have learnt so much from

And my guilty secrets

Not to mention the vintage dressers, period costumers, embroiderers, quilters, dressmakers, collectors and other intriguing bloggers I read on a regular basis. You know who you are!
Perhaps I will get around to writing about you all for my 300th blog.

All photos from my (languishing) etsy shop.


  1. I really like your Etsy shop! You have some beautiful things there.

    Wonderful post. :)


  2. You made me count how many I have done and it looks like I've got 354 under my belt. When I started, I posted daily, but I tend to spend too much time on them, even up to six hours on a post, researching and figuring out what to say. By the second year, I had gone down to half of that, and now even less. I only post when I have something to say. I think it helps traffic to post at least three times a week, but now I have older content that still gets hits.

    I wish I had time to read other people's blogs! I used to and just can't right now, unless something catches my eye enough on the thumbnails to make me wander over... But, I do enjoy it, too.

    As for your Etsy shop, my sales have been really down, too. I really think it is the economy. I thought things were going to start picking up, but now that we got into the whole Libyan crisis, who knows where that will lead? Bleah. I feel like a survivor! Keep at it though. Hopefully things will pick up soon for both of us!

  3. Thank you for your blog comment, so pleased to know that I have been an inspiration to you! Lizzie

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post!
    Keep on going....!!

  5. Well, well, well Jan, congrats on your 200th post!
    We may get there someday.
    I enjoy reading up on yours and I spent a lot of time today looking at other blogs.
    Take a look over at ours for a little cloud-naming fun.
    Not too soon, uploading photos at the moment.

  6. Jan, thank you for visiting. Happy Birthday and I hope your birthday surprise will be a real treat!

    Btw I would love to buy several of the wedding dresses in your Etsy shop but sadly the shipping costs are too high for me. Don't give up on it yet!

  7. Happy 200th, and I look forward to many more x


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