04 July 2012

scarf stories

As usual there is lots of action on the vintage scarf front in our house.

 My blog buddy Gina, in Australia has been sending me scarves she picks up for a while now. The latest selection arrived this week...I specially like the rust and olive geometric. It was so hot here that day, over 40 degrees, that I could barely handle them out of the envelope.

  The last lot she sent came to me in New Zealand. The parcel included this old London souvenir, possibly from the 50s, or even earlier. I listed it in my scarf shop on etsy and to our delight it was bought by a buyer for Cath Kidston no less.  What a life that scarf has had...London to Australia to New Zealand to Canada and home again.
I am always chuffed when a known  name buys or comments on my blog.

And...the thrifts tipped up another Hermes this week. Quite dirty, I won't risk washing it as Hermes always run. Actually this one is a bit too 'flashy' for me. I have done quite well on Hermes this spring, more for my collection.http://www.flickr.com/photos/fabriquefantastique/sets/72157623728766837/
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  1. I recently got a silk scarf from a charity shop with this England in the centre and great illustrations. they are like mini works of art!

  2. Have you tried putting a handful of salt in the water when washing the scarves? I always use it if I have something that runs as it 'fixes' the colour.
    Rose H

  3. thanks Rose, I'll try it. Nothing venture nothing gain...

  4. Love the London scarf.
    I am a known name - in certain circles anyway!! :)

  5. I love love love the orange and green scarf too. Lucky you. Will check out your etsy page too. Nx

  6. I bet you have soo many beautiful scarves:)
    I enjoy looking at them from afar!

  7. Glad you are happy with them - no happier than I am with my peacock and owls!!
    I found another Jim Thompson scarf in our opshop - it is in a square printed envelope which has his name on, and there is a printed sheet inside about him. Have you ever seen one of these sets?

  8. Ooh, I want back to London! Cool scarf.


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