26 August 2012

cleaned up on scarves

Did well with the vintage Liberty scarves last week, I picked this little lot up all in the same thrift shop. I wonder if they belonged to the same person.

 Two very pretty and wearable paisleys. Specially love the subtle blue/green that has Liberty written all over it. From the 50s - 60s I should think/

 An unusual fine wool that probably comes from the 70s. I only have a few wool ones in my collection.....dare not tell you how many scarves I have.....

 Even rarer, for me, is this soft silk chiffon, again, 70s .

 Very happy with this charming, complex floral....most likely the same era.

Finally a Jacqmar.... haven't found one since January whilst in New Zealand, it has rather late 50s look to me.


  1. Lovely scarves! I am always looking for scarves here in France, but have never yet found a Liberty. I have been lucky enough to find Dior etc - always on the look out for Hermes of course. There is a Hermes workshop not 20 miles away from me - a dealer friend once went in and asked if she could buy all their seconds.

    "Madam! We NEVER have seconds!" was the reply...

  2. They are lovely - the last one is very unusual.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What a find! All beautiful. I must say, scarf finds in charity shops often arrive in multiples - I always wonder the same thing, whether they have been donated by the same owner... I like to think so too.

  4. Wow! What a thrift shop you have there Jan.
    I also like the blue green one but the birds are lovely too.


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