05 August 2012

A scorcher

You must be bored looking at my weekly Brickworks Farmers Market stand by now, but I want to give you the sense of the space and it helps me get a better understanding of how to manage it.  

This week we were entertained in great toe tapping style by Sugar Brown Band. Their New Orleans type music exactly matched the weather......a sticky 41 degrees.

  A market shopper had seen me a few weeks ago and made a special trip to give me this bag of scarves

and this box of  pristine linens that had belonged to her mother. The kindness and generosity of strangers always amazes me. In cases like this  I like to make a charitable donation. Medicine sans Frontiers is usually my chosen recipient, but I'm happy to donate to any cause I am asked to.

The scarf bag yielded a sweet Liberty silk scarf in my latest favorite colorway, chartreuse and mustards. Definitely staying in my collection.

The linen box produced this old printed fine wool shawl. I wonder if it is a Norwich shawl? More research is needed here.


  1. How kind:)

    WE have a reprieve today w/ heat and humidity..

  2. I will never get bored of looking at your beautiful quilts!

  3. What great quilts, and I agree what generosity - my problem would be not keeping them all!
    Rose H

  4. I have found the same generosity with people here, Jan - I am happy to give stuff to people that I no longer want or need, but I am always pleasantly surprised when I'm given things for my collections unexpectedly. Nice lot there!


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