13 August 2012

Only in Canada

Only in Canada would you find a beautiful concert hall and a Hockey Hall of Fame sharing the same purpose built building. But they do, here in Parry Sound. They also share a magnificent site.

Parry Sound is an old logging town and was a railway division point...now sadly logged out. We were there for The Festival of the Sound, an annual summer shindig of chamber music. The much needed rain came so it was an ideal time for a concert.

The rain kept up for most of the weekend, but it did not dampen the Wild Blueberry Festival at the Brickworks Farmers Market. The place was heaving.

What with the festival and the rain I was late leaving the market. A couple of wedding parties arrived for their photo shoots. The brides dresses were getting filthy.

I park my van in a very tight space between some old industrial machinery and always have to have help  backing out. This time I was guided by 6 dapper groomsmen, dressed in gray tuxedos with yellow ties and pochettes.  They were all charming, gesticulated wildly and yelled instructions to each other and me in
Korean.......only in Canada!


  1. I must admit it is so nice to hear such proud words:) We lack that...
    We are so humble~
    I am the first to say I love the USA..
    To everyone.:)

    But I love my Canada too.

  2. Sounds like fun. Very brave of you to park in a tight space - I would be dreading leaving all the time I was there.

  3. Gosh - Parry Sound looks so beautiful, so tranquil. Congratulations on being in the magazine too. xCathy


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