13 December 2011

My treat

A treat arrived today. My copy of 'A Stitch in Time. vol 2" that I had ordered pre-publication sometime early in the year. As I always read 'Just Call me Ruby' , author Susan Crawford's blog, I know that there had been all sorts of glitches, so I assumed it would be for ever before it arrived in Canada, most likely whilst I was away.

But no....the very big book, plus some goodies, is here now.
Above, is a sweater that I would like to knit.....not saying that I actually will, but it is up my line. There are over 80 patterns from 1930 - 1959, all re-written and re-sized with very few items that I do not covet.

I have always been a fan of the original 'A Stitch in Time' even before it was called vol1. I believe it was published in the early 1970s. Here are some photographs of my granddaughter in 2010 wearing some of the 1940s patterns that I knit in the 80s. I still wear the red blackberry stitch cardi.

and I just dug out this Tyrolean cardi, again taken from the original volume from a 40s knitting pattern. I also have "the Mans Knitting Book' by Jane Waller, a social historian who collaborates with Susan, somewhere. I read old patterns like novels.

Oh, I am going to have a wonderful time.


  1. It's a fantastic book, isn't it? I've already finished the 'Sunday Pictorial Beret' and am thinking of knitting 'Kasha' next, although with winter here something with long sleeves would be more sensible...

    Your knits done in the 1980s have worn well, too - still in good shape for things nearly 30 years old!

  2. I love that mossy green cardie in the first pic and those your grand daughter is wearing too. Alas I am not a knitter, so these patterns would be double Dutch to me. I love the idea of re-jigging vintage patterns though, and would love to see what you end up knitting.

  3. I love these old patterns. Particularly like the grey jumper your granddaughter is wearing.

    You might like this site


  4. Wow Jan, you have some "hidden" talents you're not sharing with us on Etsy!
    I love how these retro patterns fit right into today's wardrobes.
    Please share your finished projects.

  5. I love the Tyrolean cardigan!

    The old patterns are classics in every sense.

  6. This is what we call business! You really have the talent of making such great stuffs.


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