26 November 2011

A week without a market

The first weekend without a market for a long while, just as well as I have a streaming cold.

An evening out at the National Ballet this week to see a new production of Romeo and Juliet, choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky.The John Cranko production ( so dear to my heart) has been retired.
I have a little quibble in an otherwise strong, visually delightful performance. Act 11, where Mercutio and Tybalt die, just did not do it for me...I felt no strong premonition of the inevitable tragedy. The male dancers were outstanding.

Here is what I would have liked to have worn. An imaginative, well cut dress from 13 Threads. Lois hails from Edinburgh and always has some interesting, hand made garments on offer.

I also fancy this bag, not necessarily for the theater, Free Rein Designs uses real, used horse tack to make her stock....what a great idea. Marci's bags are all handsome and one of a kind.


  1. Sympathy on the streaming cold, I have just finished fighting off a boring chest infection. Now well enough to get my 'flu jab!

    Envying your cultural outings but we are saving our pennies for a New Year visit to our Australian family.

    So won't be buying that dress from 13 Threads either, though I really love it. But not quite the thing for Sydney in January!

  2. Great to be able to attend a performance of Romeo and Juliet. I remember seeing the John Cranko production in Sydney some years ago - a great performance. Maybe this latest production has to mature. Hope your cold is soon gone. Take care.

  3. I do hope the cold gets better soon.....

  4. Love that bag, and yes, what a neat idea!

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  5. So sorry to hear you are unwell with a cold. This warm woollen dress would certainly keep you warm! Thanks Jan - get well soon x

  6. Since I moved to Germany, I know what wool can make in cold weather!


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