07 November 2011

Sunday at the Market

A good day yesterday at The Sunday Market in Toronto, held at St Lawrence.
After a shaky start (it fell on top of me!) I finally managed to secure a broken table on the stage above me to use as a display.

By way of a change I photographed some customers.

a lovely young woman wearing a chic bicycling helmet she made herself from Canadian wool, so it is ever so warm. The back is secured by inner elastic and it never comes off. She told me she sells them at a shop on Queen Street, but alas did not give me her name.

This regular customer volunteers for non dancing, walk on parts for the National Ballet of Canada. and made his own re purposed scarf from old Pendleton blankets bought at the Salvation Army.

and, Yvonne was sporting a dynamite necklace.
One of the joys of setting up at a market is that you meet a wonderful variety of people, some of whom become friends. Packing up at the end of a day is not such a joy.


  1. That's the kind of volunteer work I'd like to do! I wonder if the W.A. Ballet has any openings...
    I am particularly struck by the (two?) crazy (?) quilts in your first pic, they are beautiful and the flowery one too.

  2. Kylie, apparently the requirement is to be the right size to fit the costumes.

  3. lovely images! i love the photos of your customers :)



  4. You had some swish looking customers!


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