25 October 2012

Radium blanket

An unusual and interesting blanket that I have just listed in my etsy shop.

As far as I can make out,  in the early 20th century radon was the new health fad,  thought to have restorative  and curative properties. I believe this blanket reflects that time. The label is  (was) perhaps, jumping on the bandwagon.
I note that Radium Hot Springs only notes its relaxing qualities now.

Wonder if this blanket was made for a hospital or sanitarium.......must try it to see if it will relieve my arthritis. 


  1. Unusual find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wonderful blanket. Looks very snug. :)

    Sacha @ Boudoir of Paris

  3. Let us know how that arthritis cure works Jan! Interesting to note how times and fads change, huh?

  4. wonderful post and amazing blankets..Thanks for sharing!!


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