02 March 2012

the kindness of bloggers

How kind of my blogging buddy Gina to send me lots of scarves whilst I am in New Zealand. She lives in Australia and figured the postage would be cheaper. (she was right. )  Gina has many blogs,  mostly textile related, I don't know how she keeps them all up so well.  One of her blogs is devoted to vintage aprons, what I good idea, I am thinking of  opening another etsy shop that will feature just that. Does anyone have any ideas for a shop name?
Thank you Gina.

 Some of the collection Gina sent me.
Not bad, eh?

 A Jim Thomson scarf and another floral Thai piece that I have worn non-stop since it arrived. I think south sea silks are wonderful and often overlooked. Certainly there seems to be more available in this hemisphere.

I believe this London square is quite old,  pre-coronation (1953) at the very least,  possibly a WW11 patriotic scarf.

Alas, I have to make my way back to Canada tomorrow,  I am very sad but still lots of NZ blogs to come.


  1. Safe travels home Jan..looking forward to hearing more about NZ from Canada x

  2. Wow what a wonderful gift from your crafty friend. I'm sure you will find many uses for them.

  3. Hi Jan, I have just seen this post - thank you for your kind remarks! I must check out your online shops to see if there is anything that grabs my fancy ;-)


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