20 March 2012

A bete noire

Out and about the thrift stores yesterday. Not a lot to be had.

 This is one of my bete noires...a perfectly nice 1950s silk scarf ruined (at the moment) by a huge sticker. I have  found this sort of thing on a Chanel scarf too! Its  even worse than the tag applied with 6 staples.
I do wish they wouldn't.

 Another blanket  label for my collection, unfortunately the blanket needs a bit of work, a rebind looks in order.

However, the day was not lost with 2 more vintage Liberty scarves....whoo hoo....must have well over 700 by now.
 I will also confess to buying a dozen or so more  interesting scarves for my etsy shop, including a London Selfridges souvenir. This is the second  one I have found in a month, never had one before and I have been collecting for 30 years.


  1. Wow - what a collection! I've seen sticky labels on the front of books and even on furniture in charity shops here!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wow fancy having over 700 Liberty silk scarves - amazing!
    It is so incredibly annoying when sticky lables are stuck inappropriately as in this case. I hate it in particular with the inside of shoes - you take the lable off and it spoils the lovely leather insole and leaves a discoloured and tacky mark - grrrr!!!
    Great items you thrifted!

  3. i HATE it when thrift stores put stickers on items, or write on them with marker - drives me crazy! great finds though, very lovely :)



  4. 700...wow, you are a collector indeed! I love the Liberty on the left.


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