10 June 2012

Evergreen Brickworks market 2012

My first day back at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market for 2012...I have sold there since the first season ...2007 I think. Nice to see everyone and I was made to feel very welcome.
 It is my favorite market.


This year I have a new spot at the back end of the Pavillion.  A bit isolated but I think I can make it work as I have two ready made 'quilt racks' ...the structures surrounding old machinery.  The space is somewhat quirky as it is an old industrial site. I have plans.....more  on this next week.
As usual my breakfast was delivered to me by  the great Chez Vous catering......Yummy.


  1. Jan the space looks very inviting! Love your set-up. Hope you had a great market. Mine was wonderful yesterday - beautiful weather here in Northern California.

    Warm hugs,


  2. All the best with the new space. :)

  3. Hope your pitch is profitable, looks lovely. Good Luck x


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