05 June 2012

Wardrobe memories

Lois, from 13threads has invited all who wish to participate, to join  in an  interesting thread, inspired by the  photographic project The Memory of my Wardrobe by Ida Taavitsainen.

Here is my story.
In late 1962 I met a Canadian fellow and we started to date, even invited him to my parents pub for Christmas.
His birthday is in late January so I set off one lunchtime with my boss, Carol Serokin, to buy a present.
We worked on Great Portland Street in London and it was just a 5 minute walk to Jaeger in Regents Street.  I found just the right thing as the said boyfriend was always cold in England with no central heating. A beautifully made camel hair waistcoat, the back is also camel hair and it is fully lined.
 The fawning salesman asked  if I wanted large or extra large. Carol, who was 5ft 7" and a bit on the tubby side was not a good model. I hesitated, said the boyfriend was much, much bigger, whereupon, salesman said " Madam must remember that Madam is so petite that any gentleman will seem large to her"
 I bought the extra large. I think he liked it.
We became engaged that April and married in September......still a great waistcoat.

Unsurprisingly many of the threads I have read refer to the now husband. 

I have been a follower and an admirer of 13threads ever since I began in blogland. I'm sure Lois would love to hear from you too.


  1. What a lovely waistcoat story. I love those 'fawning' salesmen - they're so polite and attentive! Thanks for the link to 13threads. What a talented lady and she lives not 10 miles away! I can't seem to work out how to follow her though.

  2. Jan, I have been so looking forward to reading this...
    A fantastic story, a wonderful memory and a very nice waistcoat. Thank you so much

  3. The whole story surrounding this, the expression on Carol's face--I can only guess! Just so wonderful!!!

  4. I've been following Lois's blog too with interest. Such a lovely tale about the waistcoat.


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