31 May 2012

Hermes alert...

An (or is it a) Hermes day at the thrifts earlier this week. I have not run across one since the first week in January

 I did not even realize it was a Hermes till I got it home, it was so crumpled and creased, just knew it was a lovely piece of silk. This one is called 'Puzzle' and is a gorgeous delphinium blue.

It was a bumper day for scarves, including this bright Dior, many are making their way into my  etsy shop.

 Except this Liberty paisley, an unusual shade of violet, that will join my ever growing collection


  1. You are so lucky to find these treasures, I've looked for years and I've only ever found one 'designer' scarf.

  2. LOVE that paisley scarf Jan, lucky girl. I am also drawn to the one with the puzzle effect. You have such an eye for these things.

  3. OMG, gorgeous Hermes scarf, you are just a scarf magnet. Nx

  4. Brilliant finds. You certainly have the talent and eye to find these treasures. Is that a Sun King sun emblem on the Hermes? All you need is a jaunty convertible and a drive on the open roads in La Belle France with your head covered, ever so chic, in one of your beautiful scarves. Aah. I can see it happening. Thanks for the imaginary trip.


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