24 May 2012

blanket labels

I have been looking for this label for a while.... Brant Forde...Brantford, just north of Toronto. I was so excited that I overlooked a mend, right in the middle of this handsome wool blanket.
I can just imagine people fording the River Grande years ago.

Another, rather plain Ayers blanket label for my collection. Interestingly , this blanket is 70% nylon and a saturated deep yellow. 1960s I would think.

A reminder of Eatons....once the major department store in Canada. This label is so 50s, when a day out in the car was very special. The rug would have been so handy for a picnic, a breakdown or just because it was bloody cold.

1 comment:

  1. ah yes....I'm a bit of a label addict myself....


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