03 May 2012

Pattern at our house.

Picked up a remnant of upholstery weight cotton at the thrift today, obviously a copy of the famous Arthur Silver pattern, even a very similar color way as this one in the V&A. The selvedge reads 'Copyright House n' Home Fabrics & Draperies, Inc"


 It is quite a coarse print, the colours are rather flat and there is not much detail.

Certainly not as intricate as in my favorite  Liberty green  wool shawl.

 But...I think I will keep it, might do to re-do my dining room chairs if and when they need it. Currently covered in Sandersons William Morris Lily, picked up at the Sandersons warehouse in Ancoats many years ago .....that place is like Aladdin's cave. Just as well I haven't been for a dozen years.

While we are on about Sandersons  and William Morris, I wish I could find more of this wallpaper used in the front vestible and downstairs washroom..... Indian .....I still love it.


  1. Lovely designs from over on this side of the monitor. I do like the blues.

  2. Every one of those fabrics would make great embroidery patterns (esp. the last one).

  3. Ah! Lovely - I used to have the Liberty pattern in mauves and purples, covering a box of Liberty stationery.

  4. I'd certainly have snapped it up if I'd seen it! Gorgeous colours :o)
    Rose H

  5. Anonymous05 May, 2012

    Gorgeous - you know how I love anything LIberty or Libertyish. That wallpaper is absolutely beautiful - if I ever visit you I will be spending a lot of time in your downstairs washroom.

  6. Stunning. Have you ever visited thé Liberty store in london? Love Morris!

  7. Hi Jan iforgot to mention thé wonderful site i lived near in Benicia CA
    Historic papiers, very gorgeous


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