28 May 2012

update on the scarves

An update on the redcurrants, as I call this pretty Liberty floral pattern.

I now have 4 different colorways in my collection. Interesting too, is the different printed logos.
All uppercase, all lower case, or a mix. I wonder if they were printed in different factories.

5 colorways on this charmer, the first that came my way had no logo at all, but I just knew it was a Liberty.

Paisley types are more difficult to sort, so I am starting with the easiest patterns. I think these two are from the 50s.

Actually, I wrote this post  last year, its in my reserve for times like today when everything is going tits up. ......Also, bloody blogger is at it again, telling my I do not follow any other blogs. Any of you have the same problem?


  1. Ooh, I love that first set of scarves. Are they from your own personal collection or will they be going in the shop?
    My blog is with Wordpress and they only tell me which Wordpress blogs I follow perhaps Blogger does the same. I only follow blogs now that let me subscribe by email so that I get an email every time they post something. If it goes into Google Reader or an RSS feed or whatever. I never remember to look. Lazy I know but I know my limitations!!

  2. I remember having whole drawers full of these that my Mom collected and gave us us. I'm sorry to say they have all been given away.

  3. Lovely,lovely scarves :o)
    Problems with blogger? Never! (Ok, I lied.)

    Rose H

  4. beautiful, beautiful cloth....and I share your blogger pain....

  5. piece of crap blogger. i've had it with it. it won't leave comments on some blogs for some odd reason. i've neglected my blog lately because i don't want to deal with the recalcitrant Mr. Blogger.

    beyond in love with the Liberty scarves. I'm drooling.

    Hope all is well and the sun is shining for you.


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