16 May 2012

See, a gift for me.

Look what arrived in the post today! 'Vintage Handknits' from Artesano yarns. I won it on one of my favorite blogs, A Life Like Vera!. Nicky sent it right away and it arrived from England in a matter of days. I have already signed up for Artesano's newsletter and its looks ever so good. A Life Like Vera! was one of the first blogs a started to follow when I moved to blogland about 3 years ago.
I hardly ever win anything, that may be because I rarely enter a givaway...3 in 3 years... and then only when I really, really want the prize.

I quite fancy the pattern bottom right, Wilma, it doesn't take too much wool, and I might have just the thing in my stash.

The best thing is that the patterns are clearly laid out and in nice big type.

Most people know I only knit vintage patterns. Here is my granddaughter wearing a 1940s pattern, that I knitted in the 80s. The pattern and the sweater have stood up well, don't you think?

Thank you Nicky.......and Artesano


  1. Congratulations, a lovely prize!

  2. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    Well done Jan. Knitting needles at the ready then. I like the photo of your grandaughter. Coincidentally, I had my daughter model for me today - I've got some vintage clothing for sale - and she moaned and groaned as the clothes aren't 'her thing' but she looks surprisingly good in some of them. Just goes to show that classic design holds up well, as you said.


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