11 November 2014

catch me if you can

Quilts on the line for an airing in our somewhat ugly side drive.

There is always something hanging up, like this very nice 1930s tied star quilt made almost entirely of printed feedsacks.

Pretty red work, dated 1928,  alas has some color bleed and fade. Hanging on the line gives me an opportunity to assess items as well as giving them a rinse if it rains.

Made in the 1980s  I would guess with nice hand quilting in a simple  dahlia motif.

Not a hand made quilt, but a commercial bedspread from the 1950 s  ( have to get rid of that small stain when the washing machine is fixed)

Catch me if you can........next to a mid century curtain panel that need a soak in Oxyclean.

Roman Stripe with a floral back, you can see it here. They usually stay up on the line for a few days.

 Expect more of these posts as I am home till January.


  1. Your neighbours must enjoy the ever-changing art show!

  2. these are all amazing!! I'm so glad it wasn't snowing

  3. A lovely (if unconventional) way to brighten up an 'ugly side drive'.


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