02 October 2013

more knitting patterns

My blog buddy MaryAnne sent me a terrific surprise last week. A fat envelope of vintage knitting patterns.

 The patterns range from  the 30s to the early 1970s,though I am not sure what era the young lady below, in the mohari cardi is from. What a bizarre hairdo.

 This lively booklet is from the makers of Monarch yarns, with factories at Dunnville, St Catharines, St Thomas  and Toronto, Ontario. Another memo to self to do some research on these old mills.

 My favorite patterns are in a special supplement of 'Beehive for Bairns'. Bed Jackets with matching baby jackets. I am very tempted to knit one....either  or both sizes

This is not the first time MA has been very generous and thoughtful.


  1. Awww - you're making me blush! I'm very happy that you liked the booklets and love to share the wealth with someone I know appreciates them.

  2. What a great addition to your stash Jan. Are you going to make any of them?

    1. i may, but for now i just like reading them like novels.


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