15 July 2013


Its perverse, I know,  to show you my latest blanket labels on the hottest, stickiest day yet, but  I always find summer is the best time for picking up old wool blankets....perhaps no one else shopping  the thrift stores wants them at this time.

First up, a Witney blanket sold at an American department store. I believe the last mill in Witney closed in 2002.

Is this a Horn Bros  label.....if so, I have not seen this one before. The rams head looks more like a Kenwood.

 Airedale....wonder if this is from Yorkshire, or a Canadian make? I had to re hem this blanket but sewed the label back on. Pretty colors on this.

 My favorite Canadian label....so patriotic.

 A printed, rather than woven  , Scottish label....love those hills.

 Another Ayers, with a different colour way.

 Ayers had different 'lines' of blanket too.


 Another from Scotland, very popular here in Ontario.

Finally, a car rug from England, about 1940- 50 I should think. All going on my flickr collection

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  1. What a lovely collection of blankets. They'll be very useful when the weather turns cooler. Whilst now they just look pretty in a pile. It was also interesting to see the blanket labels. I recognised the Strone House one as I know where it was bought from. We stayed near there for holidays about 12 years ago.


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