31 October 2011

nearly winter at the market

Its pretty chilly and damp when one arrives early, about 7am, to set up at the Brickworks Farmers Market in Toronto.

The mist burnt off in an hour or so and it turned into a sunny, crisp autumn, getting to winter, day. I always look forward to my breakfast from Chez Vous, so fresh and hearty, it really warms me up.

Luckily, these days I can have my van to hand and use the back end to display.

This weekend Dia de los Muertos was celebrated in style, lots of creepy make up, its quite disconcerting to have a conversation with the dead!

When I came home I found a scary, fire spewing dragon making a mess of the house.


  1. Such a scary cute little dragon! Who wouldn't want to come home to one of those?

  2. Mmmmmm that churro competition looks interesting...
    I love your knitwear too, it would be very welcome on a cold, frosty morning like yours, I'm sure.

  3. Very cute dragon and I wouldn't mind cleaning up after this one. Love the knitwear which reminds me of what we knitted in our youth when living in a cooler climate. Take care.

  4. That top, misty photos is beautiful... but the dragon is of course the best of all!

  5. The mist coming off that water is breathtaking! Would have loved to be there!

  6. hehehe, love the dragon, would like to make a costume like this for my son but at 27 he thinks he's too old for such things......

  7. I love that first misty pic. It just goes with the Halloween theme.
    You're lucky the little dragon only messed up your place and didn't breathe fire over everything.


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