14 October 2011

liberty of london scarves

When I bought this Liberty scarf home a week or so ago I was sure I had it in another colorway, seems I have several....maybe even more.

Think my new one (second from left) is the colorway I like best.

This Liberty of London was printed for Smiths of Bermuda, with an appropriate tropical underwater theme. Not sure of the era and, alas I cannot find any information on the store. Closed now I am sure.

Pretty eau de nil center however it is not in pristine condition..

This will be my new favorite Liberty scarf for the autumn., taken from my stash.The inky blues and greys will make a nice change from all those copper tones, not summery either.


  1. lovely patterns! i love all the florals :)



  2. I am so jealous! Love the first one from the left on the pile.
    I was looking at some Liberty fabric (light wool with silk) yesterday however, they looked very 80's - dare I say a little Laura Ashley like. Not nearly as gorgeous as these prints.

  3. i love fabrics and those fabrics have beautiful patterns on them and lovely scarves too! love them!


  4. They are so pretty - love the first picture with all the floral ones!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Gorgeous scarves. There is nothing like beautiful Liberty is there! Lizzie

  6. Such pretty scarves you have, it must be great to have such a choice to go to every day

  7. Great scarves Jan. I love Liberty prints, but have only seen lightweight cotton here in my part of the world. I didn't even know they made scarves. Cheers.

  8. Oh I'm BEYOND ENVIOUS....I ADORE Vintage Liberty & these scarves are DIVINE....LUCKY YOU....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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