19 October 2011

Liberty I am sure...

I needed a fix.....so I went out thrifting one morning.

A Liberty scarf I am sure, no label, no imprint, but I am 99.9% sure. The colour, the design, the size, the finish tell me it is so, most likely from the 50s. This happened to me once before,it was about 8 years before another turned upwith the label , a different colorway, that confirmed my suspicion.

Another Liberty scarf, this sort of soft colour scheme is my preference. A Jaeger long silk scarf for my sister, not fabulous quality and I can't believe how much they are selling for these days.

It has been quite a few months since I found a Hermes, what a shame it has had a run in with someones cosmetic case . But I do not have this one in my collection, it is quite handsome so I bought it anyway.

A couple of blankets. Faribo blankets turn up frequently, unfortunately, many made of acrylic these days. I am only interested in the pure wool.
The Scottish blanket and label is new for me.
Of course, many more textiles came home with me that, no doubt, you will be seeing at a later date.

all in all, a good morning out.


  1. Great blue in the Liberty scarf! You do have "the eye".

  2. Oh, I'm loving your tartan blankets.I wish some would show up here. I did see a Faribo one (wool) earlier this year at GW, and now I kick myself for not getting it. Love yours. Thanks for stopping by. Your tea is ready..milk and one sugar. :)

  3. lovely scarves.....do you ever find white, lace, embroidered handkerchiefs? Must look in your shop.

  4. Love the scarves, particularly the first one. The Royal Scot tartan blanket is great too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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