24 October 2011

Much to good to waste

I am such a cheapskate and cannot waste any nice old fabric...

Found at the thrift last week a 30s depression era dress, very torn and damaged but I am sure I can cut some decent sized pieces from this dynamic seersucker.

another 40s home made dress, but only half a dress! nice pink and blue paisley smooth cotton.

and finally my own 1970s Liberty tana lawn dress that I have altered twice, washed a million times and finally wore out under the arms.


  1. Your right, the fabric is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. ...beautiful examples of lovingly worn fabric! Am anticipating your creation!

  3. That seersucker is lovely,
    I love that you have saved it and are planning to reuse/recycle/refashion it.


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