10 October 2011

Thanksgiving Sunday at St Lawrence market

I set up at The Sunday Market at St Lawrence yesterday, it is a long day as I arrive at about 6.30am and take down at 5pm.

The day went well, I sold quite a bit from this stack of vintage Indian and Asian textiles. I have learnt a lot from Rachel Biels knowledgeable blog, Rayela's Fiber Focus, always a source of information, and from the descriptions of her items for sale on etsy.

Jeanette was having a golden 1/2 price sale, hope she did well. ( get with the program Jeanette and get a web site so I can give you a link)


  1. Your fabrics look beautiful. I would love to come and have a runmmage! M x

  2. I spy very nice quilts back there!

  3. What a colourful collection Jan. I'm pleased you had a good day. I always want to reach out and touch those special fabrics/quilts/etc

  4. Now this looks like a FUN place to shop. Very pretty fabrics and those quilts look so interesting too. Thanks for sharing and for visiting with me:-)


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