05 August 2013

Half way through summer

Half way through summer already and I think I have only posted once about my stand at the Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Many of the goodies above and below are in their new homes.

New, at the same Evergreen site, is the Sunday Marche, a mix of farmers, craftspeople, vintage and prepared food stands.

Although it is a bit slow getting off the ground, it has enormous potential and I want to be there.

 I have a great spot by the bridge where I can display my quilts.

Things looked up yesterday when we were joined by The Junction Flea  (coming again in September and October). We moved into The Pavilion.

I had a position right near the entrance, unusual since it had Outward Bound climbing apparatus bang in the middle of my site.
 My display needs work,but I have some ideas for next time.

A perfect day, not too hot and a good turnout.

Yesterday's photos courtesy of my grandson, Alex ( 16) , who was giving me a hand. What a shame he lives
in England as he took to it like a duck to water, even if he had to leave at noon to meet his girlfriend.  


  1. All looks great! Spotted a Buchanan tartan rug in the 4th photo - can tell that pattern anywhere having been forced to wear it as a child (maiden name: Buchanan)

    Hopefully, the Sunday Marche will take off, and you will have been there from the start!

    1. Carol, I have a new reply button, let me know if it works, Jan

  2. I always see lots of things on your stand that I would like to buy Jan. Great photos your grandson took!

  3. p.s. Your reply button works. Still have to copy the blooming words & numbers to prove I'm not a robot though :(

  4. I just had fun visiting all the links...thanks. Still have high hopes of getting to the market one day, but know I will have to get up before the birds!!

  5. I wish I could visit your booth at the markets you show in, Jan. You display your wares so beautifully, and I can see the great care and passion you have for them.


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