23 April 2015

blanket label

Isn't this blanket label charming? 

The shepherd with his flock.He looks rather 1930s and the roses indicate that it is English.
I am guessing this ivory and pink blanket dates from about 1950.

Another for my collection


  1. I buy wool blankets whenever I see them...get upset when people buy beautiful ones to cut up......

  2. i think cutting up damaged blankets is fine,better than landfill.

  3. PS....this one is in good shape and will come to market with me this summer.

  4. But people cut up beautiful perfect vintage blankets..I would cut up a damaged one, too.....

  5. I buy them in charity shops for my dogs but, if they are too beautiful, I can't bear it so have to drape them over sofas and chairs instead!
    The label is charming, as you say.


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