05 April 2015

Kerikeri oranges

The  St Lawrence Seaway  opened earlier this week,  so you would think that spring might be on its way.
But no......it is  below freezing , the wind is howling and there is a fresh layer of icy snow..

So, I dug up these photos, from my trip to the Northland of  NZ couple of months ago , of Kerikeri oranges.

They may be pock marked, pitted,  bruised, spotty and bashed up,

 but, quite frankly they are the best  oranges I have ever eaten.
Bar none.

Back to textiles next week.


  1. Oranges are probably my favourite fruit. We eat a ton of clementines over the winter, along with full-size oranges too. Love the fruit - hate the juice (weird).

  2. They look lovely ... after they've been opened!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. It's a shame that this is just the sort of fruit the supermarkets would discard as too 'unattractive'.

    1. absolutely right. We have a charitable ( I think ) group here that specializes in picking up seconds of fruit and veg from farmers. Every autumn my neighbor and I split a 50lb sack of #2 carrots from a farmers shop I pass on the way to the cabin......$5.


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