04 May 2015

Cuba ..... whats going on

Etsy has removed my souvenir scarf of Cuba because it contains Cuban content.
If it were not so ludicrous and petty I would be angry.

The scarf was most likely made in Japan,
I bought it here in Ontario.
Canada has never had an embargo on Cuba,
I did not know that Canadians had to abide by American mean spirited laws  whilst in their own country.
Etsy touts itself as 'a global community'

While they were at it they also removed a Nicole Miller scarf .....is she a traitor or something?

At least I have tons more scarves to sell.


  1. What? That's absolutely ludicrous!

  2. Etsy removing two scarves??? Unbelievable! It doesn't sound "global" to me, and why the Nicole Miller scarf?

    1. you tell me....I have contacted them to ask why, but, of course, no reply.

  3. How bizarre! Is it possible your member of parliament/local government representative would be interested in these US imposed oddities on to Canadian citizens?

  4. It will certainly be a topic of discussion at the next dinner party/ farmers market /gathering I go to....who knows what I may learn.

  5. Perhaps they removed the Nicole Miller one as a punishment. I'm amazed they even had time to notice - what with having to investigate the thousands of resellers on Etsy (I jest, of course). Do you think somebody flagged the Cuban scarf up to admin or is there somebody specialy employed to scan all the tags for the word 'Cuba'?

  6. Probably right on the NM scarf. My guess is some nutbar flagged the Cuba scarf. I doubt etsy employs any one to scan tags....just look at all the scarves tagged Versace, Chanel, Pucci etc, all for the same item!

  7. If that's all that they have to worry about they are very lucky!

  8. censorship at its worst.....the Land of the Free?


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