11 May 2015

Almost there

Shameless self promotion here.
My three etsy shops are all just two sales away from the magic number. 


Fabriquefantastique, my first shop is now the slowest. I hardly sell any vintage fabric these days.  However, there are now 1109 sales....just two away from my magic number of 1111.
This may take a while.

   Foulardfantastique is jogging along nicely.  Now at 775 sales ....  That's a lot of scarves and  I expect to reach the magic number of  777!!! this week.

A nice surprised is the amount of vintage souvenir scarves that sell,  I find them fascinating and I suppose others do too.


 Vintage wedding dresses used to be a good seller here in Boutiquefantastique. 
Alas, no longer.
However, this shop is at 298 sales, only 2  to go until 300.

The surprise here is vintage sweaters that sell on a regular basis, if not a lightening speed.

This activity keeps me out of mischief.


  1. Good luck - hope you reach your targets really soon!!

  2. Good luck - how are you going to celebrate reaching your magic number?
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I bet you still get up to some mischief now and again don't you?
    Good luck with those sales - I feel your pain.


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