18 May 2011

Vide Grenier

My first experience at a vide grenier in France. I had no idea what to expect.

The whole village turns out! Some professional dealers and some not.

We arrived in Bach just as things were about to get going. The event was based in the main square and spread all over the village and out on to the main road.

The bar is just getting going too....about 9.15 am.

I spent all my money, had a wonderful time. More on what I bought at a later date.

After about an hour R made me leave. But he took a wrong turn and we ended up in Caylus and guess what? they were having their vide grenier also. (serves him right as I wanted to stay in Bach for the communal lunch)

The vide grenier there was all along the main street and it was packed. I had to borrow money! Heaven knows how I am going to get all my goodies home.


  1. What a great experience! I'm looking forward to seeing your finds.

  2. wow you hit the vintage holy grail! i bet you found some amazing pieces :)



  3. How wonderful, not one but two vide grenier's! Look at all those treasures spread over the streets...I would be in heaven.
    Can't wait to see your finds.

  4. oh oh oh looks wonderful! glad you shared it with us. Merci!♥

  5. What fun, there is nothing better than spending a sunny day rumaging a vide Grenier, shame you had to miss the lunch ;)

  6. How exciting! I'd love to be there with you. Tam x

    p.s I have added your blog to my side bar so I am sure to keep up with you.

  7. Oh, and I've added your wonderful shop to my etsy circle:)

  8. Ooooooooooooh, I want the Bergere chair...

    Did you buy the stuffed animal? It looks so fun!

  9. I used this great shipper Christophe Mari before. Their office is in Nice. you can share a container with agroup.

  10. Oh wow - look like heaven!
    Would love to go to one of those!
    Lucky you, glad you had fun!
    Gill x


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