20 May 2011

A day out in the vallee du Lot

A little jaunt around a small part of la vallee du Lot. Its the beginning of summer, not too hot, bright sunshine and warm.

I love peeking into kitchen gardens, so lush here in the sheltered valley.

Some friends I met along the way.

This mill was running up till the early 90s . I'm very fond of old mills, along with vintage shops.

One of the imaculate immaculate villages we visited. In fact, I prefer it to the Les Plus'Beaux Village de France' such as St Cirqe Lapopie, where we were today....why struggle with the tour buses, the ice cream parlors and the Disney World atmosphere when France is packed with charming, clean (except for the dog poop) and delightful other places.

In the afternoon we toured Le Chateaux Ceneviers. The Vicomtess was sitting in the garden, graciously answering questions and chatting but I felt it an imposition to take her photograph.
I'm not one for taking masses of photos of well known sites or views, I think the links do a much better job.


  1. We went to Lot a few yeras ago and visited some of the places you mention - aren't the fields of poppies just beautiful! Your photos bring it all back to me.


  2. that first photo is so very lovely! what a magical looking field )



  3. Lovely photos. My french friend said that they always take their shoes off before entering the home, not that it was to stop the dirt coming in but the dog poo. It a little like France around these parts sometimes,and by that I don't mean the pretty bits..haha

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time, Tam x

  4. How delightful---the Vicomtess was sitting in the garden---

    I'm with you on competing with the tour buses... I love that book and am so glad you are seeing these gorgeous gems and countryside.

    haha the dog poop. It's everywhere in Paris, too.

    P.S. Ceneviers is a new one for me so thanks for the link.

    Bursting with joy that you are in France!

  5. OMG. Such amazing photos! Have a fabulous time! I am loving the updates :)

  6. I love the Lot and the Dordogne regions as well. I wish i was there too.Maybe someday the dollar will have value again! Have a great trip.

  7. Ah yes, les crottes de chiens. Owners are supposed to be picking up after their dogs, but some people think their "liberty" is being squashed. Go figure.


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