13 May 2011

What the hells up with blogger?

What a series of woes I am having with blogger........
First, my reader disappeared and I was going to post a rant on how I had contacted blogger several times over many days to no avail and how many others apparently had the same problem.

In the meantime I went to France for a little holiday. My dashboard appeared in French, which was wonderful news as the reader came back.

On Tuesday I did a nice (in my eyes) French post using these photos with links and pithy comments. Like 'what I had for lunch today' see above. I even had some comments.

Today, my dashboard is in English again, with, thank goodness, my reader in tact, but the Tuesday blog has gone!
Whats going on?

FYI I am having a lovely time in des gorges de l'Aveyron. More to follow, I hope.


  1. Crashed and burned - Blogger, not me! - think we've all lost stuff in the process but your trip to France looks wonderful!

  2. i totally lost a nice little post i had scheduled. errrr. but what can you do!



  3. Looks beautiful! Have a lovely trip and hopefully blogger will be sorted out by the time you get back x

  4. Bonjour Jan

    Celebrate with every step you take on that
    fantabulous French terrain. Do it for your blogging Amis.
    Sending happy thoughts & wishes for some incredible textile finds...

    Much love.

  5. I don't know what's going on with blogger, hopefully it will be sorted soon! Have a fun trip in France! :) x

  6. Forget bad blogger and enjoy gorgeous France....lucky you.
    I will be back again in France however, in a months time....can't wait!
    Hope the rain keeps off for some serious vide grenier visits....
    Julie x

  7. Chic Chix n Champagne15 May, 2011

    Hey Jan,
    It may have something to do with the computer you're logging in from being in France.
    I get that all the time when I want stuff in English, even Etsy.
    I just change the language on a little tab that Blogger has at the top or bottom of the page.
    Nice Pics,

  8. blogger = nightmare, my posts disappeared and came back minus comments!! so frustrating, anyway, France? Lovely!


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