23 February 2011

Simplicity and Distiction

Last November I was the happy recipient of a box of antique needlework magazines from a blogging buddy Mary Anne. Promised myself that they would be my convalescent treat, one a day.
Quite honestly, I don't know where the days are going (well, I do have to do my exercises).
Today I pulled out the July 1924 issue of Needlecraft and loved this article on 'Collar-and-Cuff Sets Combining Simplicity and Distinction'
I learn something from every page. This one mentions 'made of crash or white ratine'. I have never heard of ratine before. The same set (on the right) also features 'coronation or rice-cord'.
I think an hour or so on Google doing a bit of detective work is in order.

and guess what tipped up in one of my knitting baskets? A lovely 30s collar and cuff set of palest celadon green lawn, with delicate drawn thread work. have no idea where I bought this but I still love it.

I'm looking to feature various etsy treasuries in a new way, I'm not quite there yet. Your favorite dinosaur is working on it.


  1. The latest issue of Sew Beautiful has an article on the type of needlework you have pictured here. You pull out threads and then make a pattern. Way beyond my scope! It's amazing how skilled dressmakers of yesteryear were.

  2. The old magazines look just fascinating!

  3. 'Crash' and 'white ratine' - interesting!! I wonder if ratine might be similar to what they call rat tail cord now?

  4. the old magazines are so good for detail and process. There is far too much ''quick fix'' in the modern ones. I have stacks of old magazines from way before I was born...I wouldn't part with them for anything..


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