10 February 2011

Is there a link here

I found a link...entirely by chance. I clicked a link whilst reading Karens regular blog as I do whenever she posts. I recognized a warm hand.

A month or so ago my blogging buddy MaryAnne had generously donated some striking quilt blocks to an Australian relief fund (sent them all the way)
and sure enough, I believe this is the site. Kaite is putting together these fantastic quilts with donated blocks....lots to see.
They are lovely (I have always had a soft spot for string piecing)

dear Australian quilters....be sure to label your quilts. In years to come people will want to know how and when they came together. As someone who buys and sells quilts I can't tell you how much even the tiniest piece of information means. These quilts deserve a place in Australian history.

Etsy news.

A couple of my vintage scarves have found their way into fun treasuries.

A 50s little number in Mad Men Mania curated by JLVintage, a stylish shop from Spokane.

and a souvenir scarf (always interesting) was featured in BonVoyage an interesting T, put together by the big brown house, a creative shop that makes wonderful items out of old fabrics ...a gal after my own heart.
do take the time to click on both.


  1. I agree about the quilts, where they came from and why they were given should be remembered. Lovely scarves! :) x

  2. thankyou for the link but you didn't need to worry, we are all labelling our flood relief and comfort quilts, as we did with the bushfore comfort quilts also. cheers, kaite


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